How do I edit a tracker?

In the Mastery Connect trackers page, you can edit the trackers that you have created. You can edit the tracker name, add or remove collaborators, change the tracker icon color, or change a SIS classroom link.

Open Trackers

Open Trackers

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers link [1], then click the Trackers tab [2].

View Trackers Page

The Trackers page defaults to the Created list.

In the Created list, find the tracker you want to edit and click the Edit link.

Edit Tracker

Edit Tracker

In the Edit Tracker page, enter a new tracker name in the Description field [1].

To delete collaborators, click the Delete icon next to the collaborator's name [2]. Alternatively, to add a collaborator, enter part or all of a staff member's name in the search field [3], and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

To change the folder color, click the Folder Color icon and select a new color from the palette in the pop-up window [4].

To link the tracker to a new classroom, select it from the Link to Classroom drop-down menu [5].

To save your changes, click the Update button [6].