How do I format a CSV file for importing students to a tracker?

To import students from a CSV file when you create a tracker or add students to an existing tracker, you must import the data in the required format. You can format it in a spreadsheet or in a text editor.

Student Information Systems (SIS) often have a method for generating reports in CSV format that can be modified to fit the format required. If you do not know how to save a file in a CSV format, please check the documentation for the program you are using to create your CSV file (e.g., Excel).

Format Spreadsheet

If you are viewing or creating a CSV file in a spreadsheet, the file must contain the following student information data in the order listed below:

  • Column [1]: Student ID number.
  • Column [2]: Student first name.
  • Column [3]: Student last name.
  • Column [4]: Student email address.
  • Column [5]: Parent email address. Enter additional parent email addresses in subsequent columns as needed.

When you finish formatting the student information, save the spreadsheet as a CSV file.

Format Text Editor

Create CSV File

Alternatively, you can view or create a CSV file in a text editor. Each student's information must be contained in a separate row as follows:

[student ID number],[student first name],[student last name],[student email address], [other associated student email address]

When you finish formatting the student information, save the file as a CSV file.