How do I create and link a new tracker from a curriculum map in Canvas?

If your institution uses Canvas LMS, you can create and link a Mastery Tracker from within a Canvas course. Your new tracker can be linked to Canvas courses with one section or multiple sections.

Once this connection is made you will have access to your Mastery Tracker in a Canvas course, which includes mastery data, assessments built with third-party item banks, and tools to support competency-based learning.


  • In order to link a mastery tracker to your Canvas course, your Instructure Customer Success Manager (CSM) must first set up an LTI connection between your instances of Canvas and Mastery Connect. If you do not see the Mastery Tracker link in your Canvas Course Navigation, contact your CSM.
  • Creating and linking a new tracker from a curriculum map in Canvas requires that your Canvas account and Mastery Connect account are synced via an SIS (student information system).
  • If you edit your Mastery Tracker or your Canvas course, your tracker and course will automatically sync overnight. If your tracker and course need to sync immediately, you can sync them manually.
  • If needed, you can unlink a tracker or move a linked tracker to another course.

Open Canvas Course

Open Canvas Course

Log in to your Canvas account.

To log into your Mastery Connect account from Canvas, in the Global Navigation menu, click the Mastery link [1].

To enter your course, in the Global Navigation menu, click the Courses link [2]. Then click the course name link [3].

Note: If the course is not listed, select the All Courses link [3], then click the title of your course.

Select Linking Option

Select Linking Option

In the Select Source drop-down menu [1], click the Create a new Tracker from a Curriculum Map link [2].

Note: If you do not have any curriculum maps available in your Mastery Connect account, you will need to create one in Mastery Connect.

Enter Tracker Details

Enter Tracker Details

Select a curriculum map [1] and enter a title for your new tracker [2]. The subject, core, and class will be determined by the curriculum map you selected [3]. Click the Link button [4].

View Mastery Tracker in Canvas

Your new mastery tracker will display in your Canvas course. You can create and add assessments to your Mastery Tracker, which will then populate in your Canvas assignment list.