How do I import students from a CSV file while creating a tracker?

If your district is not actively syncing Mastery Connect with a student information system (SIS), you can import students to a tracker using a properly formatted CSV file.


  • In this process, the student data will not be synced to the SIS records.
  • Features that require connection to the student record in the SIS, like Remote Scores and other reporting, will not be available.
  • You can add students to a tracker from your SIS.

Create Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers tab [1], then click the Create Tracker button [2].

Next, select whether you will build your tracker from a standard set or a curriculum map by clicking an option in the drop-down menu [3].

Select CSV File  

In the New Tracker page, enter details to create the mastery tracker [1].

Click the Add Students drop-down menu [2]. Then select the Import students from CSV file (spreadsheet) option [2].

To select the CSV file, click the Choose File button [3]. Select a properly formatted CSV file.

Create Tracker

Create Tracker

After you select a CSV file, the file name displays [1].

To import the file and create the tracker, click the Create Tracker button [2].  

View New Tracker

Your newly create tracker displays in the View Tracker page.