How do I export and print a tracker?

You can export a tracker to a file and then print it.

Open Tracker

In Global Navigation, click the Trackers tab [1] and then click the tracker name link [2].

Open More Options Menu

Click the More button to open the More Options menu.

Export Tracker

Export Tracker

In the Reporting menu, click the Export Tracker link.

Adjust Print Settings

In the Export and Print Your Tracker dialog box, you can customize what information will get exported to the spreadsheet. Select which units and standards you would like to export [1]. Then select what information will be displayed on the spreadsheet [2].

Export Tracker Spreadsheet

Export Tracker Spreadsheet

In the Export File Type drop-down list [1], select the file type to export the tracker (.xlsx or .csv).

Click the Export Spreadsheet button [2].

Your file will be saved to the location where your downloads are normally saved. If you are asked to open or save the file, click Save the File. Open the file to view your tracker and print.

Note: If you plan to print the spreadsheet after you export it, select .xlsx for best results.