How do I set or unset a power standard in a tracker?

You can set or unset standards as power standards in tracker. Power standards are standards you want to emphasize in a curriculum map or tracker. For example, if a standard must be mastered before other standards, you can specify it as a power standard.

You can view only power standards in a tracker by changing the settings.

Power standards display a P label. You can unset power standards as needed.

Note: When you set power standards in tracker that is based on a curriculum map, the standards become power standards in only the tracker, not the curriculum map.

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers tab [1], and then click the name of the tracker [2].

Set Power Standard

Set Power Standard

In the Tracker View page on the Students tab, hover over the standard title [1], and select the Set as Power Standard option [2].

View Power Standard Icon

View Power Standard Icon

Power standards in your tracker display a P at the top of the column.

Unset Power Standard

To unset a standard as a power standard, hover the cursor over the standard title [1], and select the Unset as Power Standard option [2].

View Only Power Standards

By default, a tracker displays all standards. To view only power standards, click the Tracker Settings button [1]. In the tracker Settings menu, select the Power Standards Only checkbox [2], and click the Save button [3].