How do I add a note about a standard in a tracker?

You can add notes about a standard in your trackers. Once you add a note to a standard in any tracker, you can view the standard note from any tracker containing that standard. Notes also display on reports. You have the option to hide the notes from parents who view reports in the parent portal.

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers link [1]. In the Trackers page, click the tracker name [2].

Open Notes for Single Standard Assessment

Add Notes

In the Trackers View page, hover the cursor over the standard column header, and click the Notes link.

Open Edit Window

Add Notes or Dates to Your Trackers

To edit or enter a new note for the standard, click the Edit button.  

Enter and Save Note

In the edit window, type the note in the text box [1].

To hide notes from parents viewing reports in the parent portal, click the Hide from parents checkbox [2].

To save your changes, click the Save button [3].

View Notes in Tracker

View Notes

To view standard notes, hover the cursor over the standard and select the Notes link.

View Notes in Student Report

View Notes in Student Report

You can also view the note in a student report. To print a student report, click the More button [1]. From the More Menu, select the Reporting link [2]. Then select the Print Student Report link [3].

Include Standard Resources

Include Standard Resources

To include standard notes in the student report, click the Include Standard Resources checkbox.

Enter start and end dates [2].

Then click the Print button [3].

Note: You can learn more about printing a student report.

View Resources

View Resources

Standard notes display in the Resources field.