How do I use SpeedGrader in a Mastery Connect assessment in a Canvas course?

If your institution uses Canvas LMS, you can connect a Mastery Tracker to your Canvas course. After connecting the tracker to Canvas, you can access mastery data, third-party item bank assessments, and competency-based learning tools.

When you create a Mastery Connect assessment from your Mastery Tracker in Canvas, a linked assignment is created in Canvas, which you can administer to students. Once a student completes the linked Canvas assignment, you can use SpeedGrader to grade the linked assignment.

Open Canvas Course

Open Canvas Course

Log in to your Canvas account.

To log into your Mastery Connect account from Canvas, in the Global Navigation menu, click the Mastery link [1].

To enter your course, in the Global Navigation menu, click the Courses link [2]. Then click the course name link [3].


View Canvas Assignments

In the Course Navigation, click the Assignments link [1] to view your linked Mastery Tracker assignments. Canvas assignments created from raw score Mastery Tracker assessments import as published assignments [2]. All other Mastery Connect assessments import as an unpublished canvas assignment [3].

To grade or view further details for a linked Mastery Tracker assignment, click a published assignment title [4].

Note: When using SpeedGrader with Mastery Connect, only one section displays at a time in SpeedGrader. To grade an assignment that is in use in multiple sections, select the correct section in the Students menu of the Tracker view before you open SpeedGrader.

Open SpeedGrader

To grade submitted assignments in Canvas via SpeedGrader, click the SpeedGrader button.

View SpeedGrader

SpeedGrader includes several areas to help you locate and view student submissions, grade submissions, and add comments to submissions.

Note: Learn more about SpeedGrader for Canvas.

View Assignment Details

The center of the menu bar includes assignment information and grading information. Assignment information includes the name of the assignment [1], assignment due date [2], and the name of the course [3].

To view the assignment details, click the name of the assignment [1].

Grading information includes assignment statistics, such as the number of assignments that have been graded out of the total number of students in the course [4]. You can use this information to keep track of your grading progress. Grading information also includes the class average score and percentage [5].

View Student Submission

Once you have selected a student, the student's submission displays in SpeedGrader. To grade the assessment, use the Performance Grader in the Mastery Connect preview window [1]. To switch between questions, use the question navigation pane [2].

When you are done grading, click the Save Changes button within the Mastery Connect Performance Grader window [3].

To return to the Canvas Gradebook, click the Gradebook icon [4].


  • You must click the Save Changes button in the Mastery Connect Performance Grader window for the assessment score to be recorded in the Gradebook.
  • Use the Mastery Connect Performance Grader window to grade and save the assessments. If you update the assessment score using the SpeedGrader buttons or text fields, the score will not be saved in the Canvas Gradebook.
  • The Canvas Gradebook will only be updated after you save the assessment scores using the Mastery Connect Performance Grader.