How do I compare students' formative and benchmark assessment scores in a tracker?

You can compare students' formative and benchmark assessment results in a tracker using Comparison Mode.

Benchmark assessment results are not included in a tracker's standards columns mastery calculations. However, Comparison Mode allows you to view students' formative and benchmark scores side-by-side in standards columns. This view allows you to identify discrepancies or trends among student assessment scores and performance.

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers link [1]. In the Trackers page, click a tracker name link [2].

Enable Comparison Mode

Enable Comparison Mode

In the Students tab [1] of the Tracker View page, benchmark assessments are indicated by a B label [2]. Locate the benchmark assessment you want to compare and hover over the benchmark assessment name [3]. Then click the Compare option [4].

View Comparison Scores

Compare Formative and Benchmark Data

When in Comparison Mode, the benchmark header displays an Active label [1].

Only standards assessed in the benchmark are affected by Comparison Mode. Each affected standard column displays students' formative and benchmark assessment mastery levels side-by-side [2].

Formative assessment scores display on the left [3], and benchmark scores display on the right [4].

If a student's formative and benchmark scores match, the standard score cells display darkened [5].

Disable Comparison Mode

Disable Comparison Mode

To turn off Comparison Mode, hover over the benchmark header [1] and click the Compare Off option [2].