How do I export a tracker Item Analysis report?

In Mastery Connect, the tracker Item Analysis report displays student information combined with item analysis data. You can export the tracker Item Analysis report as a CSV file.

In addition to the information displayed on the report, the exported CSV contains additional information, including the overall percent correct and item analysis details by student.

Open Tracker

In Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers link [1]. The Trackers page opens and displays a list of your trackers. Click the name of a tracker [2].

Open Standard

In the Tracker View page, locate the standard that contains the tracker Item Analysis report you want to export. Click the standard name.

View Standard Details

View Standard Details

The Standard Details page displays columns that represent each assessment within the standard. Some of the assessments may be single-standard assessments [1] and some may be multi-standard assessments [2].

Open Single-Standard Assessment Reports

Open Assessment Reports

To view assessment reports for a single-standard assessment, hover over the assessment name [1]. In the menu that displays, click the Reports link [2]. This opens the Assessment Details window.

Open Multi-Standard Assessment Reports

To open the report menu for a multi-standard assessment, click the assessment name [1]. This opens the Multi-standard Assessment Details page [2]. Click the name of any listed standard [3]. This opens the Assessment Details window.

Open Assessment Reports Section

Open Assessment Reports Section

In the Assessment Details window, click the Reports link.

Open Item Analysis Report

View Assessment Reports

The Item Analysis report can be exported as a CSV file.

Click the Item Analysis link [1].  Then, to export the file, click the Download button [2].  

The file will download to your computer with the file name item_analysis_data_[tracker]_[date of download].CSV.

View Exported File

The exported file displays both item analysis [1] and student information [2].  Additionally, the report displays assessment points [3], overall score [4], and overall percentage [5] for each student on the assessment. Where available, student answers display below the item analysis data [6].

Note: The downloaded CSV file is named in the following format according to the export name, tracker number, and date of the export: item_analysis_data_[tracker number)_YYYY-MM-DD.csv.