What is a tracker?

Mastery Connect trackers provide a visual overview of student standard mastery as well as access to the assessments used for measurement. You can use the customizable tracker interface to assess student mastery of core standards and monitor student performance. With trackers, you can also share student mastery data with other teachers, administrators, students, and parents. As a teacher, you will generally have one tracker per subject or per class.

You can create trackers directly by adding standards and assessments, or you can create trackers from a curriculum map of standards and assessments. You can create a tracker from your curriculum map, a shared curriculum map, or another staff member's curriculum map.

You can add students to trackers manually, individually from a SIS or you can import them from a CSV file. If Mastery Connect is integrated with your district's Student Information System (SIS),  you can create a tracker from a SIS section.

From a tracker, you can also manage assessments, generate reports, and communicate with parents.

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers link [1].

To view a tracker, click a tracker name link [2]. To create a tracker, click the Create Tracker button [3].

View Tracker

When you open and view a tracker, the Tracker View page displays. You can view the tracker details [1].

To view and manage tracker content by standards and students, click the Students tab [2].

To view and manage tracker assessments, click the Assessments tab [3].

You can control the tracker display and tracker settings [4].

You can also add an assessment to the tracker [5].

View and Manage Students and Standards

When you open and view a tracker, the Students tab [1] displays your student roster, along with the standards that are taught and assessed [2]. To view more details, you can click a standard name link [3].  

Learn more about using the Students tab.

View and Manage Assessments

When you open and view a tracker, the Assessments tab [1] opens the Tracker Assessment list. The Tracker Assessment list contains all tracker-related assessments, which you can view grouped by standard or in a list [2]. You can add view and manage assessments from the Tracker Assessment list [3].

Learn more about using the Assessments tab.

View Standard Details

View and Manage Assessments

When you click a standard link in a tracker, the Standard Details page displays the standard name [1] and the assessments related to the standard [2].

Export Tracker Data

Export Tracker Data

You can export tracker data or assessment data.

View Tracker Reports

View Tracker Reports

You can view and print individual student reports as well as other tracker reports.

Email Parents

Email Parents

From a tracker, you can email individual parents or send reports to all parents.

You can also control the display of tracker data in the parent and student portals.