How do I administer a Mastery Connect assessment in my Canvas Course?

If your institution uses Canvas LMS, you can connect a Mastery Tracker to your Canvas course.

After connecting the tracker to Canvas, you can access mastery data, third-party item bank assessments, and competency-based learning tools.

When you create a Mastery Connect assessment from your Mastery Tracker in Canvas, a linked assignment is created in Canvas that can be administered to students. Once a student completes the linked Canvas assignment, the assessment data displays in the Mastery Tracker and the assignment score displays in the Canvas gradebook.

Open Canvas Course

Open Canvas Course

Log in to your Canvas account.

To log into your Mastery Connect account from Canvas, in the Global Navigation menu click the Mastery link [1].

To enter your course, in the Global Navigation menu click the Courses link [2]. Then, click the course name [3].

Note: If the course is not listed, select the All Courses link [4]. Then, click the course name.

View Mastery Tracker

In the Course Navigation menu, click the Mastery Tracker link [1].

Click the Students tab [2]. Then, click a standard title to see Mastery Tracker assessments that you previously created or imported [3].

View Canvas Assignments

To view your linked Mastery Tracker assignments, in the Course Navigation menu click the Assignments link [1].  

Canvas assignments created from Mastery Tracker benchmark and item-based assessments will import as unpublished assignments designated with the null icon [2].

Raw score Mastery Tracker assessments will import as published assignments designated with the green checkmark icon [3].

To edit and adjust linked assignments, click the More icon [4]. Then, select editing options from the drop-down menu [5].

To publish an assignment and make it available for students, click the Publish/Unpublish icon [6].

To grade or view further details for a linked Mastery Tracker assignment, click the assignment title [7].

View Linked Assignment

To administer or grade the assessment in Mastery Connect, click the Load [Assignment] in a new window button [1].

To edit Canvas assignment settings, click the Edit Assignment Settings button [2].

To grade submitted assignments in Canvas via SpeedGrader, click the SpeedGrader™ button [3].

To view the assignment as a student, click the Student View button [4].

View Student Scores in Canvas Gradebook

After you grade the assignment in Mastery Connect, the student score will automatically populate in the Canvas Gradebook. To view the scores in your Canvas Gradebook, in the course navigation click the Grades link [1]. Then, scroll horizontally to view your student's linked assignment scores [2].

View Scores in Mastery Tracker

Student mastery scores for the linked assessment display in the Mastery Tracker.

Note: As long as the Mastery Tracker is linked to your Canvas course, any edits you make to linked Mastery Tracker assessments will be reflected in the Canvas assignments page and gradebook.