How do I view all students in my trackers?

If your district is integrated with your district's Student Information System (SIS), you can view all the students in your trackers as a teacher.

Open Students Page

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers link [1]. To open your students list, click the Students tab [2].

View Your Students Page

View Teacher's Students Page

In your Students page, you can search the student list [1], and view a list of all your students' accounts [2].

By default, the page displays all current student accounts [3]. To view a list of past student accounts, click the Past link [4].

Find Student Accounts

Find Student Accounts

To search for student by name, enter all or part of the student's name in the Search Students field. Then press the Enter or Return key on your keyboard.

View Student Account Details

View Student Account Details

You can view details for each student account in the list. To open trackers the student belongs to, click the student's name link [1].

You can also view a student's number or ID, the student's username, and the student's parent email addresses [2].

If an student account is active, you can view the last login dates for the parents and student [3].

Note: If a parent account has not been activated, there is no parent last login date.

View Bulk Management Options

To view account management options, click the Options menu icon [1]. Then, select one of the following options:

View Account Management Options

View Account Management Options

You can manage a student account in the following ways:

  • Edit [1]: add or remove student or parent email addresses or change the student's password. You can also send the student a password reset email message that contains a link for resetting their password.
  • Email Parents [2]: open a window for sending an email to the student's parents.
  • Email Student [3]: open a window for sending an email to the student.
  • Print Username/Password [4]: print a note containing username and password information for a student. If the student has never logged in, the note includes the Mastery Connect URL, the student's username, and a temporary password. If the student account is active, the note includes the Mastery Connect URL, and the student's username.