How do I grade document-based assessments with Performance Grader?

In Mastery Connect, some assessments are based on uploaded documents that must be graded manually.

You can grade these assessments using the Performance Grader.

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers tab [1] and then click the name of the tracker [2].

Open Standard or Assessment

Open Assessment or Benchmark

To open the Assessment Details page of a multi-standard assessment, click the multi-standard assessment or benchmark name link [1].

To grade a single-standard assessment, click the standard link that contains the assessment [2].

Launch Performance Grader

Launch Performance Grader

To open the Performance Grader for a single-standard assessment, hover over a score box and click the Launch Performance Grader icon [1]. 

Alternatively, you can hover over the assessment name header, and in the menu, click the Performance Grader link [2].  

Open Performance Grader

To open the Performance Grader for a multi-standard assessment, click the Grade button in the score box of any standard.

View Performance Grader

The Performance Grader displays a list of the students in the tracker [1], the assessment document [2], and the student answer column [3].

The name of the student whose assessment you are currently grading is highlighted in the student list [4].

To collapse the student list, click the Collapse icon [5]. 

You can use the document tool buttons to open the sidebar, search the document, zoom in and out on the document, and use other document tools [6].

Enter Student Answers

Enter the each student's response in the student answer column by clicking the circle icon that corresponds to the student's answer [1].

If the student chooses an incorrect answer, the correct answer icon will display lightly shaded in addition to the one you select [2].

If the assessment is GradeCam compatible, you can scan the students' bubble sheets from Performance Grader by clicking the Scan Bubble Sheets toggle [3].

Save Changes

After you finish entering answers for each student, click the Score Assessment button [1]. The assessment data and student scores are automatically added to your tracker.

If you need to reenter or remove all the student scores, click the Discard button [2].

To move back and forth between students, click the next student name in the student list [3] or click an arrow icon in the answer list [4].

To close the Performance Grader, click the Close icon [5].