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Canvas deploys take place every other week. For questions about deploys, please see the Canvas Deploy FAQ.


Filtered Deploy List
The Canvas release list filters results for production release notes with the newest release first.


Comprehensive Archive

This archive is a single document that includes links to all Canvas deploys displayed in a comprehensive list with the newest release first. Release notes originate with the Canvas community launch in April 2015.


This archive is useful if you want to see when a fixed bug deployed without having to view all release notes individually.

  • To view specific details for a deploy, click the name of the deploy in the table of contents.
  • To view the direct deploy notes, click the name of the deploy in the table of contents, then click the deploy's section heading.


Deploy Archive Change Log


Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-12-18)

Fixed Bugs

  • Accessibility: Calendar, Pages
  • Account Settings: Immersive Reader Feature Option Adjustment
  • Calendar: Event Section Dates and Dashboard
  • Notifications: Grading Notification and Post Policies
  • Permissions: Student Interactions Report


Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-12-04)

Interface Updates

  • Permissions: Course Visibility



  • API: Change Log Location


Fixed Bugs

  • Authentication: Google Domains
  • ePortfolio: Multiple Submissions
  • New Rich Content Editor: Course Links, External Links
  • People: Account-level Last Login Sort and Timestamps
  • Permissions: Quiz Statistics, Student To-Do Items and Admin Roles
  • Rubrics: Remove Points from Rubric Option and Student View
  • Web Services: LinkedIn Removal


Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-11-20)

Interface Updates

  • Courses: New User Tutorial Collaborations Text Modification
  • Gradebook: Deprecation Alert
  • Modules: External URL Module Items Link


Fixed Bugs

  • Accessibility: Groups
  • Attendance: Assignment Grade Edits, Attendance Report and Multiple Sections, Cross-listed Sections
  • Modules: Submissions and Unpublished Assignments
  • Outcomes: Not Graded Assignments and Mastery Results
  • People: User Initials Display Order
  • Rubrics: Safari 13 Page Scrolling


Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-11-06)

Interface Updates

  • Account Settings: Courses Page Terms Menu Width
  • New Gradebook: Section Sorting
  • Files: Usage Rights Copyright Text Modification


  • API: Assignments API, Content Migrations API


Fixed Bugs

  • Accessibility: Grades, Navigation, New Rich Content Editor
  • Analytics: Muted Assignments and Whisker Plot Box
  • Conversations: New Group Messages
  • New Gradebook: Late Policy Decimal Percentages, Resubmitted Assignments and Hidden Grades
  • Quizzes: Exponential Format
  • Reports: Duplicate Group_Category_ID and Provisioning Report


Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-10-23)

Interface Updates

  • Blueprint Courses: Associations Page Menu Width
  • Notifications: New Gradebook Submission Posted Notification
  • Pages: Microsoft Immersive Reader (Beta Environment Only)
  • Theme Editor: Custom JavaScript File Load Order


Fixed Bugs

  • Accessibility: Global Navigation
  • Assignments: Differentiated Assignment Automatic Peer Reviews
  • Resubmitted Assignment File Annotations
  • Course Settings: Unsplash Course Card Images
  • ePub Exports: Exported Content Order
  • Modules: Non-Graded Discussion Section Updates
  • New Gradebook: Automatic Comments and Student Visibility, Message Students Who and Anonymous Assignments


Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-10-09)

Interface Updates

  • SpeedGrader: Student Group Filter Behavior
  • Account Settings: Public Course Index and Require Usage Rights for Uploaded Files Feature Options


Fixed Bugs

  • API: Courses API
  • Assignments: Pre-existing Rubrics and Point Values
  • Gradebook: Individual View Gradebook Message Students Who and Anonymous Assignments
  • New Gradebook: Test Student and Manual Posting Policy
  • Permissions: Login IDs and Add/Remove Permissions
  • Users: Pending Enrollments and Merged Users


Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-09-25)

Interface Updates

  • Account Settings: Courses Page Menu Width, Quiz LTI Plugin Feature Option Removal
  • Browsers: Unsupported Browser Warning Banner Update


Fixed Bugs

  • Accessibility: Assignments, Gradebook
  • Accounts: User Search Results
  • Announcements: Assignment Group Weights and Announcement Creation
  • Assignments: SpeedGrader Student Group Filter and External Assignments
  • Courses: Course Analytics Sorting
  • Dashboard: To Do List Titles
  • Gradebook: Grade Change API and Admin Tools Changes
  • New Gradebook: Missing Submissions and Posted Grades, Comments and Student Visibility, Muted Assignments and Learning Mastery
  • SIS: Assignment Due Dates and Differentiated Sections


Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-09-11)

Interface Updates

  • Account Settings: Final Grade Override Beta Label Removal


Fixed Bugs

  • Accessibility: Quizzes, Rich Content Editor
  • Assignments: Gradebook CSV Exports and Drop Rules
  • Discussions: Ordered by Recent Activity and Pinned Discussions
  • New Gradebook
    • Custom Themes and SpeedGrader Visibility Icon
    • Notifications and Assignment Submission Comments
    • Score at Least Module Requirement and Modules Page Display
    • Student Group Filter and Deleted Groups
  • Pages: HTML Anchor Tags and Chrome Browser


Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-08-28)

Interface Updates

  • Account Settings: LTI 1.3 and LTI Advantage Feature Option Removal
  • Assignments: Post/Hide Grades Text Clarification
  • New Quizzes: New Quizzes Terminology Update
  • Permissions: Data Services - Manage, Feature Options - View
  • Platform/Integration: Live Events Updates


Fixed Bugs

  • Accessibility: Files, Grades, Groups, Modules, SpeedGrader
  • Grades: Posted Grade Calculations
  • New Gradebook, Student Group Sorting
  • Notifications: Collaborations
  • Rich Content Editor: H3 Styling, Image Size


Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-08-14)

Interface Updates

  • Assignments: Post Grades Menu Clarification
  • Global Navigation: Course Title Length Display [REVERTED 2019-08-15]
  • New Gradebook: Automatic Posting Policy Assignment Menu Options Clarification, Automatic Posting Policy Setting Clarification
  • SpeedGrader: Automatic Posting Visibility Menu Clarification


Fixed Bugs

  • Accessibility: Commons, Conversations, Course Settings, SpeedGrader
  • Commons: iPad Next Button
  • Dashboard: Anonymous Peer Review Links
  • Dashboard Grade Visibility
  • Quizzes: Decimal Value Commas, File Uploads
  • SpeedGrader: Automatic Posting Policy and Visibility Icon


Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-07-31) 

Fixed Bugs

  • Accounts: Subaccounts Deletion Visibility
  • Analytics: Course Analytics Pagination
  • Conversations: Conversation URLs, Message Padding
  • New Gradebook: New Quizzes and Past Due Dates
  • Notifications: Course Access and Restriction Settings
  • Quizzes: Multiple Attempts and Take Quiz Again Button


Previous to the 2019-07-31 release, bug fixes were deployed as part of each release, which is why they are included in previous versions of the release notes. For historical purposes, please see Canvas Release Feature Archive 



Deploy Archive Change Log




Removed release notes history previous to 2019-07-31 (see Canvas Release Feature Archive


Fixed Bugs: Canvas Deploy Notes (2019-08-14)

  • Reverted Global Navigation: Course Title Length Display