How do I add formative assessments to trackers from the Assessments page?

In the Assessments page, you can add assessments to trackers. Before you can add an assessment to a tracker, the tracker must contain the same standards as the assessment. Assessment sub-standards must also be in the tracker or linked to a similar tracker sub-standard. The tracker and the assessment must additionally have matching mastery levels.

If there are mismatches between standards alignments, sub-standards, or mastery levels, you can correct the standards alignment, add or link missing sub-standards, or convert the assessment.

You can also add assessments from a tracker.

Note: To add assessments containing different standards than a tracker, one solution is to add the standards to your tracker.

Open Assessments

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Assessments link.

Search Assessments

To find an assessment, you can use the search and filter options [1].  

To hide or show additional filters, click the Expand or Collapse icon [2].

Alternatively, to sort assessments, you can click the Sort by drop-down menu [3].

Note: Filters for core and class only display after a subject filter is selected.

Add to Tracker

To add an assessment to the tracker, click the Add drop-down button [1], then click the Add to Tracker link [2].

Add Trackers

Add Trackers

In the Add To Tracker(s) window, trackers that already contain the assessment display in the Already in Trackers section [2].

To select trackers for the assessment, click the checkboxes of one or more trackers [1].

To add the assessment to the selected trackers, click the Add button [3].

Note: You can only select trackers that contain the assessment's standards. To add an assessment to a tracker that does not contain the assessment's standards, click the Cancel button [2]. Then add standards to your tracker.

Correct Standards Alignment

Correcting Standards Alignment

If you select an assessment that is not aligned to standards in any of your trackers, the Add to Tracker(s) window displays as message. You can create a new tracker. To create a new tracker, click the Create button [1].

Alternatively, you can add the necessary standards to your tracker, or you can clone and re-align the assessment. To add standards to your tracker, click the Cancel button [2]. Then add standards to your tracker.

To clone and re-align the assessment, click the Cancel button [2]. Then clone the assessment and change the clone's standard's alignment. Learn more about cloning a formative assessment.

Convert Assessment

Convert Assessment

If you select an assessment whose mastery levels do not match the tracker mastery levels, a message displays. You can change the assessment's mastery levels to match your tracker, or you can select a different assessment.

To change the assessment's mastery levels, click the Convert Assessment button [1]. Learn more about converting an assessment's mastery level.