What is the Assessment Editor?

The Assessment Editor in Mastery Connect allows you to create or edit item-based or document-based assessments.

In the Assessment Editor, you can view assessment details, manage assessment content, manage settings, edit cut scores, and move assessments from draft state to created.

Open Assessment Editor

To open the Assessment Editor, create a new assessment or edit a draft assessment. In the Global Navigation menu, click the Assessments link [1]. Alternatively, as an administrator, click the Admin link [2] and learn more about how to edit benchmark assessments or district formative assessments.

In the Assessments page, add a new assessment [3], or click the More icon [4] of an existing assessment, and click the Edit link [5].

View Assessment Details

The Assessment Editor displays assessment information, including:

  • a draft label if the assessment is in draft state [1]
  • a label indicating the type of assessment [2]
  • the assessment title and standards alignment [3]
  • the number of standards covered in the assessment [4]
  • the number of items in the assessment [5]
  • the total number of points for the assessment [6].

You can use the Assessment Editor buttons to control scoring [7], assessment settings [8], or to delete the assessment [9]

Note: If no Draft label displays, the assessment is being used in a tracker.

View Standards Details

To view a list of the standards covered in the assessment, click the Tooltip icon [1]. To view a short description of the a standard, click the standard link [2]. The description window for the standard displays [3]. To close the standard window, click the Close button [4].

View Assessment Content

The Assessment Editor also displays assessment content. The content of an assessment can be item-based or document-based:

  • An item-based assessment contains items you add from item banks
  • A document-based assessment contains questions that relate to a document that you upload or to a bubble sheet.

Learn more about creating an item-based assessment or creating a document-based assessment.

Manage Settings

Manage Settings

To manage assessment settings, click the Settings button [1].

To edit the assessment title, enter new text in the Title field [2].

Enter a new description in the Description field [3].

To edit the assessment type, click a radio button [4].

To select a new privacy setting, click the Privacy drop-down menu [5].

To designate an assessment as district approved, click the District Approved toggle on [6].

To save changes, click the Save button [7].

Note:  The assessment type and district approved options only display for users with the appropriate permissions.

Edit Cut Scores

Edit Cut Scores

To edit mastery cut scores, click the Scoring button [1].

To change mastery cut scores for the assessment, enter the new minimum scores for mastery or near mastery in the Mastery Level fields [2].

If a question is worth more than one point, to adjust mastery levels for the question, enter new minimum scores for mastery and near mastery in the item's Mastery or Near Mastery fields [3].

If there are any changes to the default values, a Modified label displays [4].

To save changes, click the Save button [5].

To cancel your entries, click the Cancel button [6].

To return to your district's default mastery settings, click the Defaults button [7].

Note: When one mastery cut score is changed, all other cut scores change to maintain the correct total percentage or points.

Exit Editor or Create Assessment

Edits are saved automatically, and the most recent save date or time is indicated [1].

To exit the Assessment Editor and keep the assessment in draft state, click the Exit button [2].

To create the assessment, click the Create Assessment button [3].