How do I install LockDown Browser?

Before you can enable LockDown Browser, your district must install Respondus LockDown Browser (Mastery Connect OEM version) on compatible student devices (MacOC, Windows, Chromebook, or iPad).

Install Respondus LockDown Browser (Mastery Connect OEM Version)

Contact your CSM or submit a support ticket for the LockDown Browser documentation and to enable the LockDown Browser feature in your account.

Enable LockDown Browser for Assessments

Activate LockDown Browser for Assessments

The LockDown Browser tool can be enabled for benchmark assessments, Enhanced Accommodation (EA) formative assessments, and in trackers.

After the LockDown Browser is enabled for an assessment, it automatically launches when students take a test at, in the student portal, or through an LTI connection.

Note:  LockDown Browser cannot be used for document-based assessments or non-EA assessments.