How do I add bubble sheet rubric-scored items to a benchmark assessment?

As a Mastery Connect administrator (admin) or if you have the benchmark author permissions, you can can include items for bubble sheet rubric scoring in document-based benchmark assessments.

Bubble sheet rubric scoring allows you to associate a point value to each letter answer in a bubble sheet so the assessment can be scored with GradeCam.

Open Benchmarks

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Admin link[1]. Hover over the Assessments tab [2] and click the Benchmarks link [3].

Add Benchmark

Click the Add Benchmark button.

Enter Assessment Details

Enter Assessment Details

In the Assessment Type drop-down menu, District Benchmark is pre-populated [1].

Click the Subject, Core, and Class drop-down menus and select an option [2].

Click the Standard drop-down menu and select the Multi-Standard option [3].

To allow teachers to delete the assessment from trackers, click the Allow Teachers to Delete from Trackers checkbox [4].

Type a name for the assessment in the Title text box [5].

You can optionally type a description of the assessment in the Description text field [6].

Note: Benchmark assessments must include multiple standards. If multi-standard is not selected in the Standard menu, the assessment will be converted to a single-standard formative assessment.

Upload Assessment Document

In the Assessment Source drop-down menu, click the Upload A File link [1]. Then, click the Choose File button [2] and select a file.

Learn more about creating a document-based benchmark assessment.  

Add Bubble-Sheet Rubric Scoring Item

Add Question Type

Click the Type drop-down menu and select the Bubble Sheet Rubric Scoring link [1].

Enter the number of bubble sheet rubric scoring items to include in the Qty box [2].

To add the items to the assessment, click the Add button [3].

Assign Points

In rubric scoring, a point value must be assigned for each achievement level. To assign points to the bubbles, click the answer box and enter the point value in the box.

Repeat this process for each answer for each question.

Note: For each question, the highest number of points assigned determines the total number of points possible for the question.

Enter Mastery and Create or Save

Complete Assessment Creation

Enter the minimum score required for Mastery in the M fields [1] and the minimum score required for Near Mastery in the NM fields [2].

To create the assessment, click the Create Assessment button [3].


  • You can remove all selections on the page by clicking the Reset button [4].
  • If you are editing an existing assessment, click the Save Changes button.