How do I distribute a district formative assessment as an admin?

As a Mastery Connect administrator (admin), you can distribute item-based or document-based formative assessments to multiple trackers in your district. This is an admin-only feature.

District Formative assessments:

  • Are aligned to individual standards, and each tracker that receives the assessment must align with all of the standards included on the district formative assessment.
  • Must be set as private to the district or they can not be distributed.
  • Display in trackers in the same way as regular formative assessments.
  • Impact student mastery scores.

Open Formative Assessments

Open Formative Assessments

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Admin link [1]. Then, hover the cursor over the Assessments tab [2] and click the Formative link [3].

Locate Assessment

Use the Search and filter options to locate the assessment that you want to distribute [1].

To search for only district approved assessments, click the District Approved Assessments checkbox [2].

To open the assessment, click the assessment name link [3].

You can distribute only assessments that you have created.

Open Settings

Open Settings

In the assessment manager, click the Settings tab.

Select Trackers  

Select Trackers

To view a list of matching trackers for a single school, find the name of the school and click the Arrow icon [1]. The expanded list displays trackers for that school that were created with the same standards set as the assessment [2].

To select a tracker for distribution, find the tracker name and click the checkbox [3].

To select all trackers in a school, click the Select All checkbox [4].

Select Delivery Options

Select Delivery Options

To deliver the assessment on the day that it is created, click the Distribute radio button [1].

To schedule distribution for a date and time in the future, click the Schedule Distribution radio button [2].

To enter a start date to distribute the assessment, click the Calendar icon [3], and select a date. To enter a start time, click the Start Time drop-down menu [4], and select a time.

To send an email to teachers when the assessment has been delivered, click the Send Notification Email to Teachers Upon Delivery checkbox [5].

To save delivery options, click the Save button [6].


  • Times are in the district time zone.
  • If you select the Distribute radio button and select a future date, the Schedule Distribution radio button is selected automatically.