How do I enable LockDown Browser for an individual formative assessment?

From a tracker, you can enable the LockDown Browser tool for an individual Enhanced Accommodation (EA) formative assessment.

Students must have Respondus LockDown Browser installed on a compatible device (MacOS, Windows, or iPad) to access the assessment.


Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers link [1]. In the Trackers page, click the tracker name link [2].

Open Assessment

For a multi-standard assessment, click the title of the assessment.

Alternatively, for a single-standard assessment, click the standard name.

Open Assess Window

Open Assess Modal

To open the Assess window, click the Assess button.

Note: For a multi-standard assessment, you can click the Assess button of any standard.

Enable LockDown Browser

In the Assess window, click the LockDown Browser icon.

View Installment Alert

An installment alert displays. Verify that your students have LockDown Browser installed. Learn about installing LockDown Browser.

To prevent the alert from displaying again, you can click the Don't show this warning again checkbox [1].

To close the alert window, click the Close icon [2].

Close Assess Window

Close Assess Modal

Click the Close button.