How do I edit an item-based assessment as a teacher?

In Mastery Connect, item-based assessments can only be edited when they are in a draft state. If an assessment has been created but has not been used in any trackers, it must be reverted to the draft state before it can be edited.

If an assessment is in use in a tracker you can make limited edits, but the assessment will remain in its original form anywhere that it is already in use. To make additional edits, you can delete the assessment from all trackers and return it to a draft state, or you can clone it.  


  • Item bank assessments can only be edited by the user who created the assessment.
  • When you delete an assessment from a tracker, any existing scores in the tracker are deleted and can not be recovered.
  • When you clone an assessment, it continues to exist in its original form in any trackers in which it is already being used.

Open Assessments

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Assessments link [1].

To search for draft items only, click the Drafts tab [2].  

To search for assessments that you have created, click the Created tab [3].

Search Assessments

To search for a specific item-based assessment, type the assessment name in the Search Assessments field and click the Search button [1]. To filter assessments, use the drop-down menus to select sorting options [2].

Open Assessment Editor

To edit an assessment, click the More Options icon [1]. Then, click the Edit link [2].

Revert to Draft

Revert to Draft

If the assessment you select has already been created, the Edit Assessment window displays. To revert the assessment to a draft state, click the Revert to Draft button.

Note: Previously authored items will remain published.

Edit Assessment in Use

Edit Assessment in Use

If  you are editing an assessment that has been delivered to a tracker, the Assessment in Use message displays. To open the Assessment Editor and make limited edits, click the Continue button.

Edit Settings

Click the Settings button [1].

To edit the assessment title, enter new text in the Title field [2].

Enter a new description in the Description field [3].

To edit the assessment type, click the a radio button [4].

To select a new privacy setting, click the Privacy drop-down menu [5].

To designate an assessment as district approved, click the District Approved toggle on [6].

To save changes, click the Save button [7].


  • The assessment type and district approved options only display for users with the appropriate permissions.
  • To edit the assessment title in the Assessment page, hover over the assessment name and click the Edit icon [8]. Then, enter the new name in the Name field [9].

Add Items

To add an item to the assessment, click the Add Item drop-down menu [1]. Then, to create a new item click the Author New Item option [2]. To add an item from an item bank, click the Add from Item Bank option [3].  

Alternatively, you can click the Add Item icon [4], and then click the Author New Item or Add from Item Bank option.

Manage Item Organizer

To select an item from the list, click the item's checkbox [1]. Then, click the Item Settings icon [2].

To move an item, click the Move option [3]. Then, to select a new location in the Move Item window, click a Select move option radio button [4]. If Before or After is selected, click the Select relative Item drop-down menu and select an item number [5]. When you have completed your selection, click the Move button [6].

To remove the selected item, click the Remove option [7].

To delete all items from the list, click the Select All checkbox [8]. Then click the Remove button [9].

Edit Cut Scores

Edit Cut Scores

To edit mastery cut scores, click the Scoring button [1].

To change mastery cut scores for the assessment, enter the new minimum scores for mastery or near mastery in the Mastery Level fields [2].

If a question is worth more than one point, to adjust mastery levels for the question, enter new minimum scores for mastery and near mastery in the item's Mastery or Near Mastery fields [3].

To save changes, click the Save button [4].

To cancel your entries, click the Cancel button [5].

To return to your district's default mastery settings, click the Defaults button [6].

Note: When one mastery cut score is changed, all other cut scores change to maintain the correct total percentage or points.

Exit or Create

Edits are saved automatically, the most recent edit displays in the saved message [1].

To exit the assessment editor and retain the draft state, click the Exit button [2].

To create the assessment, click the Create Assessment button [3].