How do I create a raw score assessment?

In Mastery Connect, you can create a formative assessment as a raw score assessment.

Raw score assessments align to a single standard and can be kept private, shared with your school, or across your district.

Open Assessments

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Assessments link [1]. Then, click the Add Assessment button [2].

Create Assessment

Create Assessment

In the Assessment Shell, enter a title for the assessment in the Title field [1].

In the Assessment Type area, click the Formative radio button [2]. Raw score assessments must be formative. If Benchmark is selected, the Raw Score option does not display.

To align the assessment to a tracker or curriculum map, click the Alignment Source button [3].

To select a subject, core and class for the assessment, click the drop-down menus [4].

In the Source section, click the Raw Score radio button [5].

To select a privacy option, click the Privacy drop-down [6].

To open the Assessment Editor, click the Next button [7].

View Assessment Editor

Based on the core and class selected in the Assessment Shell, a standard is pre-populated. To change the standard, click the Select Standard drop-down menu [1].

Enter a point value for the assessment in the Total Points field [2]

To attach a document to the assessment, click the Upload Document button [3].

Note: All changes you make in the Assessment Editor are saved automatically. The most recent save displays in the save message [4].

Upload Document

Upload Document

To upload a document from your computer, click the Upload Document button [1]. To upload a file from Google Drive, click the Google Drive button [2]. To upload a file from Dropbox, click the Dropbox button [3].  

To exit the Upload Document window, click the Close button [4].

Note: Only one document can be uploaded to an assessment.  

Edit Mastery Levels

Edit Mastery Levels

To edit mastery levels for the assessment click the Scoring button [1].

Enter lower boundary percentages for the Mastery and Near Mastery levels in the fields [2].

To edit mastery levels for each standard in a multi-standard assessment enter the lower point boundary for mastery and near mastery in the field for each standard [3].

To save the new mastery levels, click the Save button [4]. To return to the default mastery levels for your district, click the Defaults button [5].

Note: When lower boundary amounts are changed for the Mastery and Near Mastery levels, all other amounts adjust automatically.

Edit Settings

Edit Settings

To edit assessment settings, click the Settings button [1].

To edit the assessment title or description, enter new text in the appropriate fields [2].

To change privacy settings for the assessment, click the Privacy drop-down menu [3].

District Administrators designate formative assessments as District Approved assessments. To designate an assessment as a District Approved assessment, click the District Approved toggle on [4].

To save changes, click the Save button [5].

Create Assessment

To create the assessment, click the Create Assessment button [1].

To save changes, but keep the assessment in the draft state, click the Exit button [2].