How do I print or download extra pre-filled bubble sheets?

In Mastery Connect, you can quickly print or download pre-filled bubble sheets  from the Trackers page in the Print Extra Bubble Sheets area. Pre-filled extra bubble sheets are pre-populated with student IDs and names from selected trackers. They can also include teacher names

Note: To print bubble sheets for students in a tracker, print formative assessment bubble sheets or multi-standard or benchmark assessment bubble sheets.

Open Trackers

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers link.

Open Print Options

In the Print Extra Bubble Sheets window, click the Print Bubble Sheets button.

Include Student IDs

Include Student IDs

In the Print Extra Bubblesheets window, click the Include Student IDs from Selected Trackers button.

Select Pre-fill options

Select Pre-Fill Options

To select student IDs for the bubble sheets, find the appropriate trackers and click the checkboxes [1].

To include the teacher's name on the bubble sheets, click the Include Teacher Name checkbox [2].

To select the number of questions you want to include, click the arrow to open the Number of Questions dropdown menu, then click the number of questions you want to include [3].

Generate Bubble Sheets

Generate Bubblesheets

To save your selections, click the Generate Bubble Sheets button.

View Pre-Filled Bubble Sheets

View Pre-filled Bubblesheets

The pre-filled bubble sheets can be printed or downloaded to a file on your computer.  

Note: When bubble sheets are pre-filled with Student ID numbers, the corresponding student names are also displayed.