How do I print student single-standard formative assessment scores from a tracker?

In Mastery Connect, you can print student assessment scores for single-standard assessments from a tracker. You can customize the list of students and the assessment items included in assessment score printouts.

Note: You can also print student scores for multi-standard formative assessments or benchmark assessments from a tracker.

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers link [1]. In the Trackers page, click a tracker name link [2].

Open Assessments View

Click the Assessments tab.

Open Assessment Details

Locate the assessment in the Tracker Assessment list, and click the Reports icon.

Open Print Scores

The Assessment Details window displays the assessment name [1]. Click the Print Scores tab [2].

View Print Scores Options  

The Print Scores tab displays the tracker student list [1] and the assessment items [2].

The Print Scores tab also displays additional print options [3].

Modify Selected Student List

Modify Selected Student List

By default, all students and items are selected.

By default, all students in the tracker list are selected for the printout. To deselect all students, click the All [total number] students checkbox [1].

To remove an individual student from the scores printout, click the student checkbox to deselect it [2].

To include a individual student in the scores print out, click the student checkbox to select it [3].

Select Other Print Options

Select Other Print Options

By default, assessment score printouts display correct answers for missed questions. However, to remove correct answers from the printout, click the Show correct answer for missed questions checkbox to deselect it [1].

To include responses for open response assessment items, click the Show open response answers checkbox [2].

Print Scores

To print the selected assessment scores, click the Print button.

Preview and Print

In a new browser window, view the assessment scores for the selected students [1].

To format and print the scores, use your browser's print options [2]. Then, click the Print button [3].

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