How do I schedule delivery of a benchmark assessment to trackers in my district?

As a Mastery Connect district administrator, you can schedule the delivery of benchmark assessments to trackers for your district.

Open Assessments

Open Assessments

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Admin drop-down menu [1]. Then, select the Assessments option [2].

Open Benchmarks

Open Benchmarks

In the Assessments list, click the Benchmarks link.

Open Benchmark Manager

In the Benchmarks page, locate the assessment you want to distribute and click the Manage button.

Note: To deliver multiple benchmarks, you can use the Bulk Action option.

Select Trackers

In the Assessment Manager, click the Settings tab [1].

To add the assessment to all trackers in a school, find the name of the school and click the checkbox to display the checkmark [2].  

To include or exclude specific trackers for a school, find the school name and click the Expand icon [3].

To select a tracker for delivery, click the checkbox to display the checkmark [4]. To exclude a tracker from the delivery, click the checkbox to remove the checkmark [5].

To auto-deliver the assessment to any new trackers with aligning standards, click the Auto-deliver any new matching trackers toggle to display the checkmark [6].

To add trackers not listed in the settings tab, click the Add More Trackers button and add trackers [7].

Manage Delivery Options

To save changes in the Assessment Manager without delivering the assessment, click the Unavailable radio button [1].

To deliver the assessment immediately, click the Available radio button [2].

To schedule a future date and time for delivery of the assessment, click the Schedule Availability radio button [3].  

To select the dates when the assessment will be available in trackers, enter the start and end dates and times in the text fields [4].

To select one or more delivery options, click the checkboxes to display the check marks [5].
You can:  


  • Benchmarks are visible in trackers in read-only mode for 24 hours prior to the indicated start time.
  • Students do not have access to assessments until the indicated start time.

Manage Tools and Accommodations

Manage Tools and Accommodations

If enhanced tools and accommodations are available for the assessment, the Tools and Accommodations menu displays. Enable tools by clicking the checkboxes and radio buttons in the menu. If the assessment contains sections, you can enable tools for individual or all sections.

Learn more about managing tools and accommodations for a benchmark assessment.


  • Enhanced tools and accommodations can only be added to item-based assessments that display the Enhanced Accommodation (EA) delivery indicator.
  • The Desmos calculator is only available in districts that have a paid Desmos subscription.

Save Selections

Save Selections

To save your selections, and schedule delivery of the assessment, click the Save button.

Confirm Benchmark Delivery

Confirm Benchmark Delivery

To disable the confirmation window for future deliveries, click the Don't show this again checkbox [1].

To return to the benchmark manager without saving changes, click the Cancel button [2].

To confirm delivery of the assessment, click the Deliver button [3].