How do I view an assessment with Secure Benchmarking mode enabled?

In Mastery Connect, your district can enable Secure Benchmarking mode on benchmark assessments.

When Secure Benchmarking is enabled by your district, you can not reopen submitted assessments, and you are unable to view or access the following:


View Secure Benchmark in Teacher Dashboard  

In the teacher Dashboard , to view Assessment Details for the benchmark, click the benchmark name link [1].  

Note: In Secure Benchmarking mode, the Performance Grader button displays, but the feature is disabled [2].

Performance Grader Not Available

If the Performance Grader button is selected for a secure benchmark, the Not Available window displays.

To return to the dashboard, click the OK button.

View Assessment Details

View Teacher Experience

The Assessment Details window displays the options that are available for the benchmark.   

Teachers can view and print Student Mastery, Tracker Comparison, and Teacher Comparison reports, create bubble sheets, and take notes about the assessment.

View Secure Benchmark in Tracker

View Performance Grader

In Secure Benchmarking mode, the standard cells in the tracker are disabled and you can not enter or edit scores or reopen submitted assessments. If a standard cell is selected the No Access icon displays.

Note: Items that include rubric criteria can not be graded or manually entered in the tracker by teachers or school administrators.