What kind of assessments are available in Mastery Connect?

In Mastery Connect, educators can create and manage both formative and benchmark assessments for assessing standards mastery. Formative assessments are for periodically assessing student mastery on one or more standards. Benchmark assessments assess longer term student mastery on multiple standards.

Both formative and benchmark assessments are either item-based or document-based assessments. Item-based assessments contain items added from an item bank. Document-based assessments are based on an external assessment file created outside of Mastery Connect and uploaded.

After assessments are added to trackers, teachers can deliver them to students. Students can take assessments online in a web browser, online through the Mastery Connect Student Portal, or offline using bubble sheets.

Formative Assessments

Teachers can view formative assessments in the Standard Details page of a tracker. Single-standard formative assessments assess student mastery on just one standard [1]. Multi-standard formative assessments determine student mastery on more than one standard [2]. You can learn more about viewing trackers.

Teachers can create their own item-based or document-based formative assessments and add them to trackers, or they can search for suitable formative assessments in the Mastery Connect Community and add those to trackers. If your district purchased the Mastery View Formative Assessments, they are also available. Assessments may also be included in a tracker through a curriculum map.

District and school administrators can create item-based or document-based district formative assessments and distribute them to trackers in the district.

Benchmark Assessments

Teachers can view benchmark assessments in the Tracker View page of a tracker. Benchmark assessments are shaded dark gray and labeled with a B and a status icon. You can learn more about viewing trackers.

Authorized users can create item-based or document-based benchmark assessments and deliver them to trackers in the district.

Teachers then deliver the benchmarks to students online or through a bubble sheet.

Item-based Assessments

Item-based formative or benchmark assessments contain items from item banks.

When students take item-based assessments online, and they can use enhanced tools and accommodations (EA), as well as text-to-speech functionality.

Students can also take item-based assessments via bubble sheets.

Note: If you have older item-based assessments, you can update them to support EA.

Document-based Assessments

Document-based formative or benchmark assessments are based on a single, external assessment file created outside of Mastery Connect and uploaded.

Students can take document-based assessments online, but they cannot use enhanced tools and accommodations.

Students can also take document-based assessments via bubble sheets.