How do I view and manage benchmark assessments as an admin?

As a Mastery Connect district administrator, you can view teacher and student progress for benchmark assessments, turn benchmarks on and off, delete scores, and remove benchmarks from trackers.

Note: District administrators can also schedule delivery of benchmark assessments to trackers.

Open Benchmarks

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Admin link [1]. Then, hover the cursor over the Assessments tab [2], and click the Benchmarks option [3].

View Benchmark Details

To view the benchmark contents or details from the Benchmarks page, hover the cursor over the assessment name [1].  

An assessment details window displays [2].

Open Assessment Manager

In the Benchmarks page, locate the assessment you want to open and click the Manage button [1].

Alternatively, to open the Assessment Manager you can click the benchmark name link [2].

View Progress

In the Assessment Manager, click the Progress tab [1].

The Progress button displays the percentage of students who have begun or completed the assessment. To alternatively view the number of students who have made progress on the assessment over the total number of students [2], click the Progress button [3].  

The Trackers box displays the number of trackers using the assessment [4].

The Students box displays the total number of students assigned the assessment [5].

Turn Benchmark On or Off

To turn on the benchmark for an entire school, click the school's Availability toggle [1] to display the checkmark.

To pause the benchmark for a school, click the Availability toggle to the off position [2].

Note: For a benchmark to be accessible to teachers and students, the Availability toggle must be switched on.

View Progress  

View and Configure Benchmark Options

In the Progress tab, assessment progress details display in a grid. You can view the following columns:

  • School [1]: The names of schools in your district.
  • Trackers [2]: The number of trackers where the assessment is in use, over the total number of trackers in the school that contain the assessment.
  • Students [3]: The number of students who have taken the assessment, over the total number of students in the trackers where it is in use.
  • Progress [4]: The percentage of students who have started the assessment.

To view progress by a specific tracker and teacher name, find the school name in the list and click the Expand icon [5].

Export Benchmark Progress

Export Benchmark Report

To export benchmark progress as a CSV file, click the Export button.

View Benchmark Progress CSV File  

Open the CSV file on your computer to view the report.

Edit Benchmark Options

To edit a benchmark in a tracker, click the Edit menu icon [1].  

To delete the benchmark from the tracker, click the Remove Benchmark link [2].

To delete all assessed scores from a tracker, click the Reset (Delete Scores) link [3]. This deletes any scores, but leaves the benchmark in the tracker.

Note: Removing the benchmark deletes any scores associated with the benchmark within that tracker. Once these scores are deleted, they cannot be retrieved.

Confirm Edit

If you click the Remove Benchmark link, the Remove Benchmark confirmation window displays [1].  To confirm removal of the benchmark, along with any associated student scores, click the Remove button [2].

If you click the Reset (delete scores) link, the Delete All Scores confirmation window displays [3]. To confirm removal of scores, and reset the assessment for all students in the tracker, click the Delete button [4].