How do I grade item-based assessments with the Performance Grader?

In Mastery Connect, some assessments are based on items from item banks that must be graded manually.

You can grade these assessments using the Performance Grader.

View Performance Grader

When you open the Performance Grader, the tracker displays the student list [1], the item currently being assessed [2], and the item list [3].

The name of the student whose assessment you are currently grading is highlighted in the student list [4].

The item number you are currently grading is highlighted in the item list [5].

To collapse the student list, click the Collapse icon [6]. 

You can sort the Items list by clicking the Sort by menu and selecting the Needs Grading or the Numerical Order options [7]. 

To scan student bubble sheets using GradeCam, click the Scan Bubble Sheets toggle [8].

To scan through the items in the current student's assessment, click the item navigation arrows [9].

To scan through the students in the assessment, click the student list navigation arrows [10].


Grade Student Responses

The item-based assessment displays a single item at a time. The student's answer is displayed as the top copy of the item [1] and below it the correct answer key displays [2]. The correct answer is indicated by a highlight and a checkmark [3].

If you need to enter an answer manually or change a student's answer, click the answer to select it [4]. Once it is selected, the answer selection displays as highlighted.

Small red cycle icons appear next to the questions you have changed or completed [5].

The student's score or mastery data for their entire assessment appear next to their name [6]. If the student's assessment still needs to be graded or has questions that need to be graded, the No Score (NS) icon shows next to their name [7].

Continue to do these steps until all students have been graded.

Save Changes

When you are done scoring a student's entire assessment, click the Score Assessment button [1]. If you are editing previously entered answers, click the Save Changes button, which will be in the place of the Score Assessment button.

To fix an error or reenter scores, click the Discard button, which will be in the same location no matter what stage of grading you are in [2]. The assessment data and scores will automatically be added to your tracker.

To exit the Performance Grader, click the Close button [3].