How do I convert a formative assessment to a different mastery level?

Mastery Connect districts or schools are set up with either three or four mastery levels. When you add an assessment to your tracker, it must have the same number of mastery levels as your tracker. However, you can use an assessment from the Mastery Connect Community that is on a different mastery level scale if you first clone the assessment and then convert the mastery levels.

You can clone an assessment directly from the Assessments page, or by clicking the Convert Assessment button, which appears when you are trying to add an assessment to a tracker.

Note: District-approved assessments cannot be cloned, and the mastery level of a district-approved assessment cannot be converted.

Clone From Assessments Page

To open the Assessments page from the Global Navigation menu, click the Assessments link [1].

To expand search options, click the Expand icon [2]. Then, to search for an assessment by mastery level, click the Scale drop-down menu [3].

To open the Clone Assessment page, click the More Options icon [4], and select the Clone option [5].

Clone From Message

Clone from Message

If you try to add an assessment with a different set of mastery levels to a tracker, a warning message displays.

To clone the assessment and edit mastery levels, click the Convert Assessment button.

View Cloned Assessment

The cloned assessment displays in the Assessment Editor in the draft state.

Edit Mastery Levels

Edit Mastery Levels

To edit mastery levels for the cloned assessment, click the Scoring button [1].

Enter lower boundary percentages for the Mastery and Near Mastery levels in the fields [2].

To save the new mastery levels in the cloned assessment, click the Save button [3].

Note: When lower boundary percentages for the Mastery and Near Mastery levels are changed, other percentages  automatically adjust to total 100%.

Create Cloned Assessment

To publish the cloned assessment, click the Create Assessment button [1].

To save the cloned assessment as a draft, click the Exit button [2].