How do I convert a formative assessment to a different mastery level?

Mastery Connect districts or schools are set up with either three or four mastery levels. When you add an assessment to your tracker, it must have the same number of mastery levels as your tracker. However, you can use an assessment from the Mastery Connect Community that is on a different mastery level scale if you first clone the assessment and then convert the mastery levels.

You can clone an assessment directly from the Assessments page.

You can also clone an assessment by clicking the Convert Assessment button, which appears when you are trying to add an assessment to a tracker.

Note: District-approved assessments cannot be cloned, and the mastery level of a district-approved assessment cannot be converted.

Open Clone Assessment Page

To open the Assessments page from the Global Navigation menu, click the Assessments link [1].

To search for assessments by mastery level, click the Expand/Collapse icon [2]. Click the Scale filter, and select a tier option [3].

When you hover the cursor over an assessment, the mastery level of the assessment displays [4].

To open the Clone Assessment page, click the More Options icon [5], and select the Clone option [6].

Open Clone Assessment Page via Message

Convert Assessment

Alternatively, you can open the Clone Assessment page when adding an assessment to a tracker. When you try to add an assessment with different mastery levels than your tracker, you see a message asking you to convert the assessment.

To clone the assessment and edit its mastery levels, click the Convert Assessment button.

Note: You can learn more about adding an assessment to a tracker from the tracker itself or from the Assessments page.

Edit Scoring

Clone Assessment

In the Clone Assessments page, you can view the cloned assessment's cut scoring mastery levels in the Previous Scoring section [1].

To use new mastery levels, enter mastery level cut scores for your mastery levels [2].

Clone Assessment

Clone Assessment

To create the clone using your mastery levels, click the Clone Assessment button.


  • You can also make any additional edits to the assessment before creating the clone.
  • You may want to enter a new title before cloning the assessment.