How do I search for a formative assessment?

In Mastery Connect, you can search for a formative assessment by name in the Assessments page. You can narrow the results of your search by filtering them to a specific subject, core, class, author, alignment, question type, privacy level, mastery scale, or district approval status.

You can also directly navigate to the assessments you are using, the assessments you have created, the assessments you have bookmarked, the assessments in your trackers that have updates available, and the assessments that you have authored that are in the draft state.  

Open Assessments

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Assessments link.

Use Search and Basic Filters

To search for an assessment by name, enter all or part of the name in the Search field [1] and click the Search button [2].

You can narrow your search to include only assessments with particular attributes by using filters. To filter assessments by author, click the Created By drop-down menu [3]. To filter assessments by their subject, click the Subject drop down menu [4].

When you select the Subject filter, additional options display:

  • To filter assessments by core, click the Core drop-down menu [5].
  • To filter assessments by class, click the Class drop-down menu [6].
  • To filter assessments by a single standard, click the Standard drop-down menu [7].

Use Additional Filters

To view additional filters, click the More icon [1].

  • To filter assessments by number of standards, click the Alignment drop-down menu and select single or multi-standard [2].
  • To filter assessments by question type, click the Question Type drop-down menu [3].
  • To filter assessments by privacy level, click the Privacy drop-down menu [4].
  • To filter assessments by mastery level, click the Scale drop-down menu [5].
  • To view only district-approved assessments, click the District Approved Assessments checkbox [6].

Sort Assessment List

To sort your assessment search results, click the Sort by link [1] and select a sorting option [2].

View Grid View

To view your search results in a grid, click the Grid View icon.

View List View

To view your search results in a list, click the List View icon.

View Assessment Details

To view information about the assessment [1], hover over the assessment name link [2].

Note: To open the assessment, click the assessment name link.