How do I print bubble sheets for a multi-standard or benchmark assessment?

In Mastery Connect, you can print bubble sheets for multi-standard and benchmark assessments to be scored with GradeCam.


  • Bubble sheet scoring is not available for assessments that contain rubric criteria or technology enhanced items (TEIs). 
  • TEIs must be assessed electronically and cannot be scanned in a bubble sheet.

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers link [1]. Then click the tracker name link [2].

Open Assessment Details Window

Open Assessment Details Window

In the Students view, multi-standard and benchmark assessments have labels at the top of their columns to differentiate them from the standard columns. The labels are either a B (benchmark) or an (multi-standard) [1].

Hover the cursor over the header of  the assessment column you want to open [2].

In the Assessment Options menu, click the Print Bubble Sheets link [3].

View Bubble Sheets

View Bubble Sheets

View the bubble sheet. Depending on the options you selected, you can view the assessment name [1], the student name [2], the student ID [3], and the teacher name [4].