How do I clone an item from within an assessment?

In Mastery Connect, when an item-based assessment is in the draft state, you can clone individual items in the Assessment Editor.

Cloning creates a draft copy of the item in the Item Organizer that can be edited, or moved to a different item bank.

Note: Items from purchased item banks cannot be cloned.

Open Assessments  

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Assessments link.

Open Assessment

Open Assessment

Click the Drafts tab [1]. Then, locate the item-based assessment that includes the item, and click the assessment name link [2].

Clone Item

Clone Item

In the Item Organizer, locate the item you want to clone and click the Options icon [1]. Then, click the Clone option [2].

View Clone Message

View Clone Message

The Clone Item window displays. To create a new draft of the item in your assessment, click the Clone button.

Edit Clone

The cloned item displays shaded and in the number one spot in the Item Organizer [1].

To change the item standard, click the Standard drop-down menu [2].

To move the item to a different item bank, click the Item Bank drop-down menu [3].

Enter a point value for the cloned item in the Points field [4].

To make edits to the question, click the Edit button [5].