How do I create a document-based assessment?

In Mastery Connect you can create assessments from document-based sources and add a variety of question types. Teachers can create document-based formative assessments, and admins can create document-based formative and benchmark assessments.

Assessments can align to single or multiple standards and can be kept private, shared with your school, or across your district.

View Assessment Editor

Enter and save assessment details for an item-based assessment for one of the following assessment types:

When you click the save button for the assessment details, the Assessment Editor displays.

In the Assessment Editor, you can add documents and questions. You can also view assessment details [1], control the assessment scoring [2], and manage settings [3].


  • All changes you make in the Assessment Editor are saved automatically.
  • To exit the Assessment Editor at any time, click the Exit buton [4].

Add Content

To upload a document to the assessment, click the Upload Document button [1].

To add questions to the assessment, click the Add Questions button [2].

Upload Document

Upload Document

To upload a document from your computer, click the Upload Document button [1]. To upload a file from Google Drive, click the Google Drive button [2]. To upload a file from Dropbox, click the Dropbox button [3].  

To exit the Upload Document window, click the Close button [4].

Note: Only one document can be uploaded to an assessment.  

Add Questions

Add Questions

Enter the number of questions in the Quantity field [1].

To select a question type, click the Question type drop-down menu [2].

To select a standard, click the Select Standard drop-down menu [3].

When a standard is selected, the standard description displays [4].

To add the selected question type to the assessment, click the Add button [5]. Repeat with additional question types and standards.

To exit without adding questions, click the Close button [6].

Note: Question types and standards can be changed in the Assessment Editor after they have been submitted.

Manage Content

To align a new standard to a question, click the Standard drop-down menu and select a new standard [1].

To select a new question type, click the Question type drop-down menu [2].

To change the point value for Multiple Choice, Multi Select and True/False questions, enter a new point value in the Points field [3].

In rubric scoring, a point value must be assigned to each achievement level. For Bubble Sheet Rubric Scoring question types, enter a point value for each achievement level in the text-boxes [4].

For Rubric Criteria question types, to edit the number of achievement levels, click the Delete or Add icons [5].

To delete a question, click the Question Options icon, then click the Remove option [6].

To remove an attached document, click the Attachment Options icon, then click the Remove option [7].

To add additional questions to the assessment, click the Add Questions button [8].

To enter correct answers for multiple choice, multi select and true false questions, click the appropriate answer bubbles [9].


  • Until all required information is entered, the Create Assessment button displays as shaded
  • Only one document can be attached to an assessment. To attach a new document, remove the existing attachment and upload the new document.

Edit Mastery Levels

Edit Mastery Levels

To edit mastery levels for the assessment click the Scoring button [1].

Enter lower boundary percentages for the Mastery and Near Mastery levels in the fields [2].

To edit mastery levels for each standard in a multi-standard assessment enter the lower point boundary for mastery and near mastery in the field for each standard [3].

To save the new mastery levels, click the Save button [4]. To return to the default mastery levels for your district, click the Defaults button [5].

Note: When lower boundary amounts are changed for the Mastery and Near Mastery levels, all other amounts adjust automatically.

Edit Settings

Edit Settings

To edit assessment settings, click the Settings button [1].

To edit the assessment title or description, enter new text in the appropriate fields [2].

To change privacy settings for the assessment, click the Privacy drop-down menu [3].

District Administrators and users with Benchmark Author and Benchmark facilitator roles can create benchmark assessments and designate both benchmark and formative assessments as District Approved assessments. To change the assessment type, click the appropriate radio button [4]. To designate an assessment as a District Approved assessment, click the District Approved toggle on [5].

To save changes, click the Save button [6].

Learn more about Mastery Connect roles and permissions.


Create Assessment


To create the assessment, click the Create Assessment button [1].

To save the assessment as a draft, click the Exit button [2].

To delete the assessment, click the More icon [3]. Then, click the Remove button [4].

Note: Assessments in the draft state are only visible and editable by you.