How do I reopen a submitted formative assessment?

In Mastery Connect, you can reopen formative assessments that have been submitted by students for them to complete or retake.

Note: By default, when you reopen an assessment the student's existing responses are saved. Alternatively, you can permanently delete the student's previous responses when you delete the existing score.

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers tab [1]. Then, click the tracker name link [2].

Open Assessment

In the Tracker View page on the Students tab, locate the standard that includes the assessment you want to reopen. Then, to open the assessment, click the standard name.  

Note: As a teacher, you can change the grades of single [1] or multi-standard [2] assessments. Only admins can edit benchmark assessments.

Delete Score

In the Standard View page, find the name of the student and the assessment you want to edit.

To select the assessment, click the score box.

To delete the existing score, press the Delete key on your keyboard. Then, to open the confirmation window, press the Enter key.

Confirm Delete

Confirm Deletion

To confirm the deletion and reopen the assessment for the selected student, click the Confirm button [1].

To permanently delete any pre-existing student responses, click the Also, delete [student] responses checkbox [2].  

Note: Deleting pre-existing responses removes them permanently and they can not be retrieved.