How do I change the test ID expiration date, time, or time zone?

When you add an assessment to a tracker and make the assessment available to students, you can set an expiration date on the test ID in Mastery Connect. After the expiration date and time, the assessment will no longer be available to students. By default, all test IDs expire after seven days at 12:00 PM in the time zone of your district. However, you can choose a custom expiration window, time zone, time, or date.


  • If a test ID expires, you can generate a new test ID and re-open the testing window.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If students are taking the assessment with the old test ID, all of their unsubmitted responses will be deleted when you generate a new test ID.

Select Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers link [1]. In the trackers list, click the name of the tracker containing the assessment whose expiration time you want to edit [2].

Open Details Page

Open Details Page

In the Tracker View page, to work with a single-standard assessment, click the standard the assessment is associated with [1].

To work with a multi-standard assessment, click the title of the assessment [2].

Open Assess Options

Open Assess Options

To open assessment options for a single standard assessment, click the Assess button [2].

To open assessment options for a multi-standard assessment, click the header title [3].

Open Assess for Multi-Standard Assessment

Open Assess Options for Multi-Standard Assessment

For a multi-standard assessment, locate the standard you want to assess in the Assessment Details page and click the Assess button.

Open Expiration Options

To open custom expiration options, click the Edit Expiration icon [1].

Note: If the Test ID has expired or empty, click the Generate new Test ID button [2].

View Expiration Options

Update Date, Time, or Time Zone

By default, all test IDs expire after seven days at 12:00 PM in the time zone of your district.

To select a different expiration, click one of the expiration window radio buttons [1].

To view options for changing the time zone, selecting a specific date, or changing the expiration time, click the Custom radio button [2].

To make the test ID expire now, click the Expires Now radio button [3].

Set Custom Time Zone, Time, or Date

Update and Save Custom Date

To change the expiration time zone, click the Timezone drop-down menu and select a time zone [1].

To change the expiration time of day, click the Choose a time drop-down menu and select a time [2].

To change the expiration date, click the Choose a date link and select a date from the calendar [3].

Save Changes

To save the test ID expiration changes, click the Update button.