What are Assessment Delivery Indicators on item-based assessments?

Mastery Connect Assessment Delivery Indicators identify the method in which an item-based assessment can be delivered to students.

Item-based assessments authored after 2020 display the Enhanced Accommodations (EA) indicator. These assessments have access to Mastery Connect Enhanced Tools and Accommodations.

Assessments that were created prior to 2020 display the Classic (C) indicator and must be cloned and updated for Enhanced Tools and Accommodations to be enabled.

Note: Assessment Delivery Indicators also display in the column headers for assessments in your trackers and in the assessment descriptions in Curriculum Maps.

View Assessment Delivery Indicators

Item-based assessments created after 2020 display the EA indicator [1].

Item-based assessments created prior to 2020 that do not include Enhanced Tools and Accommodations are identified with the C indicator [2].

To update an assessment and enable Enhanced Tools and Accommodations you can clone the assessment.

Note: Historical data will not follow the cloned assessment.