How do I take an assessment in my browser window as a student?

In Mastery Connect, you can take an assessment in your browser window by entering the test ID number and your student ID number.  For enhanced accommodation (EA) assessments, answers are entered in-line with the questions. For document-based assessments, answers are entered in an online bubble sheet.


Enter Test ID

In your browser window, go to [1].

Enter the test ID in the Enter Test ID field [2]. Then, click the Next button [3].

Enter Student ID

Enter Student ID

Enter your student ID in the Enter Student ID field [1]. Then, click the Next button [2].

Note: If you do not remember your student ID, ask your teacher or the test coordinator for assistance.

Complete Enhanced Accommodations Assessment

In an Enhanced Accommodations (EA) assessment, interactive items display individually per page [1]. To navigate within the assessment, use the navigation options [2]. You can also use any tool buttons that display [3].

Learn more about taking an EA assessment.

Complete Document-Based Assessment  

To complete a document-based assessment using an online bubble sheet, click the question bubble that matches the correct answer for each question number [1]. When the answer is recorded, the question bubble displays as shaded.

To navigate through the assessment, click the Forward and Back arrows [2].  

To pause the assessment, click the Pause button [3]. If you need to log out of the system, pausing the assessment will save your work.

When you are ready to submit the assessment, click the Finished button [4].

Confirm Submission

Confirm Assessment

To confirm that you are ready to submit the assessment, click the Submit My Answers button [1].

To return to the assessment without submitting it, click the Go Back button [2].

Note: After you submit your answers, you will not be able to reopen the assessment.

View Scoring Window

View Scoring Window

If the assessment is enabled to immediately display scores to students, the scoring window displays the following information:

  • The number of total points earned over the total number of points possible on the assessment [1].
  • The total percentage of correct answers on the assessment [2].
  • The standards the questions align with [3].
  • The number of total points earned over the total number of points possible for each standard [4].
  • The mastery level achieved for each standard [5].

To close the window, click the Done button [6].

View Completion Window

View Completion window

If your teacher has not enabled Show Scores Upon Completion, or if there are questions in the assessment that must be manually scored by your teacher, the completion window displays the green checkmark [1].

To close the completion window, click the Done button [2].