How do I create a formative assessment?

In Mastery Connect, you can create a formative assessment in the assessment builder using a document-based, item-based, or raw score source.

Assessments can be aligned to single or multiple standards and can be aligned to specific trackers or curriculum maps. They can be kept private, shared with your school, your district, or across the Mastery Connect Community.  

Open Assessments

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Assessments link [1]. Then, click the Add Assessment button [2].

Note: If you want to use specific standards from a tracker to create an assessment, you can create an assessment from a tracker.

Enter Assessment Details

Enter Assessment Details

In the Assessment Shell, use the fields and options to specify assessment details.

Fields you must complete or select display an asterisk.

Enter Title

Enter Title

Enter an assessment name in the Title field [1]. As you type, you can view the number of characters contained in your title over the number of characters allowed [2].

Select Alignment

Select Alignment

To align an assessment with the standards contained in a curriculum map or the standards contained in a tracker, click the Alignment Source button [1] and select an option from the drop-down menu [2].

Alternatively, you can specify standards by subject, core and class by clicking the drop-down menus [3].

Select Curriculum Map Standards

Select Curriculum Map as Source

To align the benchmark to standards in a curriculum map, click the Alignment Source button [1]. Then, click the From a Curriculum Map link [2].

Select Curriculum Map Name

Select Map Name

Select the name of a curriculum map.

View Selected Curriculum Map

View Selected Map

The selected curriculum map name displays [1].

To remove the curriculum map, you can click the Delete icon [2].

Select Tracker Standards

Select Tracker as Source

To align to standards in a tracker, click the Alignment Source button [1]. Then, select the From a Tracker link [2].

Select Tracker Name

Select Tracker Name

Select the name of a tracker.

View Selected Tracker

view Selected Tracker

The selected tracker name displays [1], as well as its standards subject, core, and grade [2].

To remove the tracker, you can click the Delete icon [3].

Select Source and Privacy Level

To select a question source for the assessment, click a Source radio button [1].

To select a privacy source for the assessment, click the Privacy Drop Down menu [2].

Open Assessment Editor

Open Assessment Editor

To draft the assessment in the Assessment Editor and enter assessment content, click the Next button.

View Draft Assessment

The assessment displays in the Assessment Editor. If you are creating an item-based assessment, you can add items. If you are creating a document-based assessment, you can upload a document and add questions.

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