How do I deliver a benchmark assessment to students using bubble sheets?

As a teacher, you can print and deliver benchmark assessments to your students using bubble sheets. Bubble sheet assessments can be scanned and graded using GradeCam.

Note: To deliver an assessment with bubble sheets, you must print both the assessment source and the bubble sheets for your students.

Open Dashboard

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Home link [1]. Then, click the Dashboard tab [2].

Open Benchmark

Open Benchmark

Click the Benchmarks link [1]. Then, locate the assessment you want to print and click the benchmark name link [2].  

View Print Window

To send the assessment directly to your network printer, click the Print icon [1].

To download the assessment and save it to a file on your computer, click the Download icon [2].

Generate Bubble Sheets

Download or Print Bubble Sheets

In the Assessment dialog box, click the Bubble Sheet tab [1].

To select print options for the bubble sheets, click the appropriate checkboxes [2]. Then, click the Generate Bubble Sheets button [3].

View Bubble Sheets

View Bubble Sheets

View the bubble sheet. Depending on the options you selected, you can view the assessment name [1], the student name [2], the student ID [3], and the teacher name [4].

Students complete the assessment using the bubble sheets.

When the assessment is complete, score and enter grades directly into the tracker using GradeCam. Alternatively, you can grade the bubble sheets manually and enter the raw scores in the tracker.