How do I enable Secure Benchmarking mode?

As a Mastery Connect district administrator (admin), benchmark author, or benchmark facilitator, you can enable Secure Benchmarking mode when you schedule a benchmark for delivery to trackers in your district.  

Secure Benchmarking hides some features and details of benchmark assessments from teacher and school admin accounts and prevents them from reopening submitted benchmarks.

When Secure Benchmarking is enabled, teachers and school admins can no longer view or access:

You can learn more about viewing a secure benchmark as a school administrator or staff member.


Open Benchmarks

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Admin link [1]. Hover over the Assessments tab [2], and select the Benchmarks option [3].

Open Assessment Manager

Locate the benchmark and click the Manage button.

Schedule Benchmark Delivery

Schedule Benchmark Delivery

In the Assessment Manager, click the Settings tab. Then, schedule the benchmark delivery.

Enable Secure Benchmarking Mode

Select Benchmarking Mode

To enable Secure Benchmarking mode, click the Enable Secure Benchmarking Mode checkbox [1].

To save the settings, click the Save button [2].


  • Secure Benchmarking mode disables the Performance Grader for the entire assessment. If secure benchmarking is enabled on an assessment that includes rubric criteria items, teachers will be unable to grade those items.
  • The Enable Secure Benchmarking Mode option only displays in district administrator, benchmark author and benchmark facilitator accounts.