How do I view and manage the district formative assessment report as an admin?

As a Mastery Connect district administrator, you can view teacher and student progress and export progress reports for district formative assessments.

Open Formative Assessments

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Admin link [1]. Then, hover over the Assessments tab [2], and click the  Formative option [3].

Search Assessments

To locate the assessment you want to view, use the search and filter options [1].

To search for district approved assessments only, click the District Approved Assessments checkbox [2].

Open Assessment

Click the assessment name link.

View Progress

In the Assessment Manager, click the Progress tab [1].

The Progress button displays the percentage of students who have begun or completed the assessment. To alternatively view the number of students who have made progress on the assessment over the total number of students [2], click the Progress button [3].  

The Trackers box displays the number of trackers using the assessment [4].

The Students box displays the total number of students assigned the assessment [5].

To view tracker details by school, click the Expand icon for the school [6]. To expand trackers for all schools in the list click the Expand All button [7].

Export Progress Report

To export a delivery report, click the Export button. The report will export to your computer as a CSV file.

View Progress Report as a CSV File  

Open the CSV file on your computer to view the report.