How do I apply or ignore formative assessment updates to a tracker?

After an assessment author edits a formative assessment, you can apply or ignore the updates in a tracker that uses the assessment.

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Trackers link [1]. Then click the name of a tracker [2].

Open Standard Details Page

Open Standard Details Page

Click the name of the standard associated with the assessment.

View Tracker Notification

A notification informs you that assessments have an update [1].  

To view the assessment, click the Click here link [2].

View Updates Page

Alternatively, to view a list of all current updates, click the Updates tab.

Apply or Ignore Updates

In the Updates page, click the Apply Update drop-down menu [1].

To apply the updates, select the In Trackers option [2].

To ignore the assessment updates, select the Dismiss (Ignore Update) option [3].

Apply to Trackers

Apply to Trackers

To apply the updates to specific trackers, click the tracker checkboxes [1]. Then click the Update Selected button [2].