How do I allow students to view scores at the end of a benchmark assessment?

As a Mastery Connect district administrator or user with benchmark author and benchmark facilitator additive permissions you can allow students to view their scores immediately after they submit a benchmark assessment.

Viewing permissions can be enabled when a benchmark delivery is scheduled, or adjusted on a benchmark that is already in progress.

Note: Rubric based questions must be graded by the teacher, and scores for those items are not available for immediate viewing.

Open Benchmarks

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Admin link [1]. Hover over the Assessments tab [2], and select the Benchmarks option [3].

Open Assessment Manager

In the benchmarks page, locate the assessment in the list and click the Manage button.

Open Settings

In the Assessment Manager, click the Settings tab.

Enable Show Scores Upon Completion

Adjust Delivery Options

In the Delivery Options section, check the Show Scores to Students Upon Completion checkbox [1].

To save the setting, click the Save button [2].


  • This option is only available for benchmark assessments.
  • The Show Scores to Students Upon Completion option can be selected when you schedule delivery of the benchmark. Alternatively, it can be enabled or disabled in the Delivery Options for a benchmark that has already been delivered.

View Completion Screen with Scores

View Student Assessment Completion Screen

When the Show Scores to Students Upon Completion box is checked, the number or points earned out of the number of possible points [1] and the total percentage of correct answers [2] display. Additionally, students can view the assessment standard [3], number of points earned out of the number of possible points [4] and the mastery level achieved[5] for each question.

View Completion Screen without Scores

View Student Completion Screen with No Scores

When scores are hidden from students upon completion, the completion window displays in the Student Portal and scores are hidden.