How do I clone an assessment?

In Mastery Connect, you can only edit assessments that you have created. If you want to edit an assessment from the Mastery Connect Community before adding it to your tracker, you must clone it first.

Cloning an assessment creates a duplicate, fully editable copy of the assessment. Formative assessments can be cloned by users with all permission types. Benchmark assessments can only be cloned by users with administrative or benchmark author permissions.


  • If you want to make changes to the document of a document-based assessment, download it instead of cloning it.
  • District-approved resources cannot be cloned.
  • You can also clone and re-align selected item-based formative assessments.
  • Administrators and users with benchmark author permissions can clone and re-align selected benchmark assessments.

Open Assessments Page

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Assessments link.

Clone Assessment

To locate an assessment, use the search and filtering options [1]. To expand and collapse the filter menu, click the Expand icon [2].

Locate the assessment you want to clone, and click the More Options icon [3]. Then, click the Clone option [4]. 

Note: District-approved resources cannot be cloned. They are indicated by a checkmark badge next to the assessment name [5].

View Cloned Assessment

The cloned assessment displays.  

In the draft state, the assessment can be fully edited and the original version will remain in any trackers where it is in use.

View more information on editing item-bank assessments or document-based assessments.