How do I deliver a Mastery Connect assessment through Blackboard?

If your school uses Blackboard, Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) allows you to integrate Mastery Connect with Blackboard. Once your administrator sets up an LTI for your school or district, you will be able deliver assessments in Mastery Connect through Blackboard.

Create Course in Blackboard

Log into your Blackboard account, create a Mastery Connect Assessment and follow the steps to link it to Mastery Connect.


  • To link an assessment from Blackboard to Mastery Connect, the number of points possible must be the same in both assessments.  
  • For questions about creating Blackboard assessments, see Blackboard guides or contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Open Mastery Connect Tracker

In Mastery Connect, click the Trackers link [1], then click a tracker name link [2].

Open Standard

Open Standard

In the Tracker View page, click the name of the standard where you want to link the Blackboard assessment.  

Open Standard Details Page

You can link Blackboard assessments to both single and multi- standard assessments.

In the single-standard assessment column, hover over the assessment name and click the Assess button [1].

To open the Multi-Standard Assessment page, click the multi-standard assessment name link [2].

View Multi-Standard Assessment Page

View Multi-Standard Assessment Page

In the Multi-Standard Assessment page, click the Assess button for a standard.