How do I install GradeCam for Elmo cameras?

In Mastery Connect, when you have the GradeCam plugin installed on your computer, you can enable GradeCam scanning with the Elmo camera.

Note: To enable scanning for the Elmo camera, be sure you have the current version of the Elmo driver on your computer.  

Download Driver

To download and install the current GradeCam Elmo support driver for Mastery Connect click the one of the following links:

For Mac:

For Windows:

When the download is complete, find the plugin in the downloads folder on your computer. Then, close the browser window.

Install File

To run and install the driver, locate the driver file in the downloads folder on your computer. Then double-click the extension to run and install the file.

Restart your computer and relaunch your browser.


  • Make sure that your Elmo Camera is plugged into your computer via the USB cable.
  • Make sure to push the PC button on the Elmo Camera to use it with your PC.
  • Make sure the correct camera source is selected in the Scanning/Exporting settings in your Mastery Connect account.
  • If you have difficulty scanning bubble sheets, you can troubleshoot issues in the GradeCam Troubleshooting article.