How does secure testing work for Mastery Connect on a Chromebook in kiosk mode?

As a Chromebook administrator, you can secure testing for students using a Chromebook through the Mastery Connect Student App in Chromebook's built-in kiosk mode. After you deploy the Mastery Connect Student App to each Chromebook, enable kiosk mode on the Chromebooks. Kiosk mode offers a secure testing experience in the Mastery Connect Student App by preventing web browsing, accessing external storage, taking screenshots, and printing.

Note: If an assessment is being taken by students on Chromebook in kiosk mode, do not enable the LockDown Browser option for the assessment.

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Enable Kiosk Mode

There are various methods for setting up Chromebooks in kiosk mode for student assessments. You can learn more from Google about setting up Chromebooks for student assessments.