How do I use posting policies in a course?

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You can use the New Gradebook posting policies in your couse to manage assignment grade visibility for students. Posted grades are visible to students in your course. Hidden grades are visible to you in the course gradebook, but students cannot see them.

Note: It is recommended that you set course and assignment posting policies before entering grades.

View Post Policies Flowchart

This flowchart outlines how posting policies work for instructors in their courses. You should select a course post policy based on your general grade posting preference. You can then set posting policies for individual assignments as needed.

You can also hide previously posted grades, especially if you need to fix errors or if grades were posted erroneously.

When students have set grade notification preferences, they will receive notifications when grades are posted, as indicated in the flowchart.

You can also view this flowchart as an interactive PDF.

Set a Course Post Policy

  Set a Course Post Policy

By default, Canvas courses have an Automatic post policy [1]. Assignment grades are visible to students as soon as grades are entered in the gradebook or submitted in SpeedGrader.

Alternatively, you can select a Manual posting policy for your course [2]. Assignment grades are hidden from students until manually posted. Students can see peer review comments when assignment grades are hidden. However, students cannot see instructor comments until after the assignment grades are posted.

Learn how to select a course post policy.

Set an Assignment Post Policy

Set an Assignment Post Policy

You can also select grade posting policies for individual assignments. When you set an individual assignment post policy, the course post policy is overridden for that assignment.  

For example, if you use an Automatic course post policy, you may wish to hide assignment grades for a specific assignment until all submissions are graded. You can set a Manual post policy for the assignment, and grades will remain hidden from student view until you manually post them in your course.

Learn how to select an assignment post policy.

Post Hidden Grades

Post Hidden Grades

When you are ready to make grades visible to students, you can post grades for a specific assignment. You can post grades for everyone in the course [1], or you can post only grades for graded submissions [2].

When you post grades for everyone, ungraded submissions display no grade.

When you post grades for graded submissions, any ungraded assignment grades that are updated later will remain hidden until manually posted.

If you make updates to posted grades, students can view these updates and, depending on their notification settings, may receive a grade-change notification.  

Learn about posting grades for an assignment. Learn about posting grades for an assignment from SpeedGrader.

Hide Posted Grades

Hide Posted Grades

If you need to hide grades that have already posted for students to view, you can Hide Grades in the gradebook. Hiding grades only affects grades that were previously entered.

Learn about hiding assignment grades. Learn about hiding grades for an assignment from SpeedGrader.


  • When you hide grades, the assignment retains its posting policy. If you add assignment grades for additional students to an assignment with an automatic post policy, those grades display for students.
  • After hiding grades, if you want to hide additional student grades for the assignment, set the assignment post policy to Manual.

View Gradebook Post Policy Icons

View Gradebook Post Policy Icons

Assignments with a manual post policy display a Manual label [1]. When you enter grades for manual post policy assignments, the gradebook displays a Visibility icon [2]. Students cannot see their assignment grade until you post them. Additionally, when an assignment grade is hidden for a student, the Total column displays a Visibility icon [3].

Student View

Student View

When assignment grades are hidden, the student grades page displays a Visibility icon. Posted grades display in place of the icon.

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